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Bakırköy Complete Renovations

Bakırköy Komple Tadilat

Complete renovations from A to Z in your home office or at work are renovations of everything you can think of, such as door paint installation. The other name of the complete renovation is called turnkey renovation. You can get support from people who are an interior designer or professional in their business. The place where the complete renovations need to be done is listed with the owners of the space and the necessary materials are decided on how to make a decoration.  

How Many Days Does The Complete Renovation End?

Complete renovations the completion period of the work may vary according to the renovations to be made. It takes almost 20 to 30 days when you want to have complete renovations done. If you look at the speed of the workers, the models of the products to be added, the change of the installation, the change of the paint, the change of the floor, changes can appear in the place where the complete renovations will be made.

What Are The Renovations Done?

  • Drawing projects and presenting them to customers
  • Ground change
  • Change of furniture
  • Water and electrical installation
  • Plaster and paint
  • Parquet flooring
  • Change of doors
  • Change of Windows

What Works Are Being Done For Complete Renovations?

When the complete home renovation is done, each master is engaged in a separate work. For example, one master is dealing with the painting of the place where the renovations will be done, and one master is dealing with the installation and the other master is changing the floor. When the craftsmen work, they carry out inspections with an expert interior designer and master heads who stand at their head. Each Master makes a contribution to renovating the house by doing his / her work in the most accurate way during the renovation of the House.

How Is The Planning Done In The Complete Home Renovations?

It is important to make discoveries in a very good way before a complete renovation of a space is done. Exploring the space with an interior designer may be the right decision. With the owners of the space, decoration and innovations and conversations are held with the interior designer. The interior designer starts drawing in the space, lists of the necessary materials are removed and renovations are started.

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